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Office 365 Home Page

When you log into Office 365, the first page you see is the Office 365 Home Page. This page gives you quick access to all Office 365 applications. It also lists documents and folders stored in OneDrive that you have accessed recently. The Home Page provides quick links to notifications, settings and help. If you have been licensed to use the Desktop version of Office (which includes all students currently attending Flinders), you can download and install Office 2016 from this page.

In some of the applications, you can click a link to return to the Office 365 Home Page. This is available in OneDrive, Planner, Video, SharePoint, Delve, Newsfeed, and Yammer, and is found in the top-left of the screen.

This Home Page link is hidden on tablet and phone devices. To get back to the Home Page, you will need to change the URL in your browser to However, you can still easily switch to other applications as shown below.

Switch to other applications

You can switch between applications by clicking the icon () in the top-left corner of the screen. This opens a menu from which you can select the application you want to use. Click on the application you want to use. It will open in a new tab.

On tablets and phones, this icon might be hidden. To find it, tap the ellipsis button. This will un-hide the Switch applications button (), and also the notifications, settings and help buttons.


Closing an application

When you open an Office 365 application or a document stored in OneDrive, it will open in new tab of your web browser. Office 365 applications save your documents while you work on them, so all you need to do to close an application is to close the tab it is in.

As you work with Office 365, you will end up with lots of tabs open in your web browser. When you switch to other applications or return to the Office 365 Home Page, doing this might result in several tabs all showing the same applications or the home page:

There is a slightly more efficient way of working: Always close an application tab when you are finished with it instead of switching to another application. And if you need to get back to the Home Page, go to the tab where it is already open.

Getting to OneDrive

You can access OneDrive from the Office 365 Home Page or from the Switch Application menu, as described above. You can also reach OneDrive while using most of the applications. While viewing or editing a document, look for your name in the top-left section of the screen (not the top-right). Click/tap your name to view open your OneDrive account.

Note that this process opens OneDrive in the same window as the application. You will need to click/tap your browser's Back button if you want to return to document you were working on.