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After you have created a document in Office 365, it is easy to make further changes to those documents at a later stage. You can edit them online or on your computer using Office 2016.

Step-by-step guide

To edit an existing Office 365 document, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Office 365.

  2. Look through the list of recent documents on the home screen. When you find the document you want to edit, click/tap on it. If you can't see your file listed, try clicking/tapping Show more.

    You can also browse through your OneDrive folders to find the file you want to change.

  3. The document will open in preview mode, to edit, click/tap Edit Document, which is located in the top-right corner. 
  4.   To edit the document in Office 365 (in your web browser), click/tap Edit in Browser:

    If you'd rather use the full version of the Office program, click/tap Edit in Word (or Edit in Excel or Edit in PowerPoint. depending on the type of document you are working with). 

    If you choose to edit the document in Word (Excel or PowerPoint) instead of in your browser, there is an additional step you'll need to follow. Step 5 is not required if you edit the document in your browser.

  5. Office 365 will now attempt to download the document and open it locally. You may see a warning message. Just click/tap Yes to continue.

    Note that if you edit the document in your local copy of Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you will need to manually save the document in order to update the version in OneDrive.