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For students using a laptop with a Windows 10 S operating system, the 'S' version will prevent the installation of certain recommended software - like Google Chrome.
The good news is that a Windows 10 Education edition is freely available from Microsoft for all Flinders students to download and install. 

Follow the steps outlined below to download and install Windows 10 Education

If Windows 10 Education has already been installed, see the article Obtain a key to activate Windows 10 Education

  1. Go to and download the Windows Media Creation Tool

  2. Run the downloaded Windows Media Creation Tool

  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions

  4. Select the option to Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC :
  5. Select which option you would like to use and select your ISO

The Windows Media Creation Tool will now make your USB flash drive (or DVD disk) a bootable Windows 10 installation.

The next section "Install Windows 10 Education edition" describes how to use this USB flash drive (or DVD disk) to install Windows 10 Education edition onto your laptop.

Install the Windows 10 Education edition

  1. Insert the bootable USB flash drive (or DVD disk) into your laptop, then boot the laptop to begin the Windows 10 installation process

You might first need to modify your laptop's BIOS settings to enable it to boot from a USB flash drive (or DVD disk).

If you need any help with the Windows 10 Education edition installation process, please enquire at the Technology Support office.