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This article is intended to assist parents and guardians in changing their own passwords. This process cannot be used by students. Students can change their own password using a different technique.


Parents and Guardians can change their Moodle password whenever they want to! This article shows how you can change your password.

Step-by-step guide

To change your password, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into Moodle.

  2. Look for your name in the top-right corner of the page. Click/tap on your name.

  3. Click/tap Preferences
  4. Click/tap Change password.
  5. You should now see the Change password screen.
  6. Enter your current password in the space provided.

  7. Enter your new password into 'New password' space and the 'New password (again)' space.

  8. Click/tap Save changes


Always take the time to choose a strong password. Using the same password you've used for other sites is risky, as is using the name of a child, pet or favourite television character. If you need some advice on selecting a password, read the article Setting a strong password.